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I offer Life Ruining and Private Investigation services, but for the right price I am willing to go further. The Life Ruining services range from a simple beating up or stalking, to totally ruining a persons life by getting them in jail and making them scared to live. As for the PI services I will investigate and do anything that a normal PI wouldn't like to undertake.


I also offer hacking services. They range from small things like email and account hacking, to hacking into databases of companies or taking control of other devices. I am also into doing new and interesting things that I have never done before so if you are interested in something i didn't write here, just contact me and as for a custom job.

Life Ruining SERVICES

By combining my skills of hacking and private investigation work I have managed to find a way to ruing peoples lifes. That may be for any reason, the people have hurt you, stole things from you or you just don't like them. I can help, there are many things possible regarding life ruining, from stalking to getting them in jail.


I am always in for a job, I can travel everywhere and do everything. I am mostly located in Europe. With my projects I have traveled the world and done many interesting and forbidden things.


I have experience in many fields going from data searching in private databases to working as a security guard on VIP clients. My job has also given me chances to meet new people that can help me to accomplish new jobs.


I am looking for projects all the time but it can take a few weeks until i can start a new one. You can contact me on my email and get an answer in 24 hours. PGP usage is advised.


I think that to do a job I must do everything it takes to make it as good and professional for the customer. That is why I keep you up to date of progress every day. Payments as I progress are possible.

Professional Services

All of the services I offer are handled highly professionally and with highest discretion. In my time on the deepweb I have made a big circle of contacts which have vouched for me on public forums and websites. That way I got to have multiple ads on highly respected deepweb sites like: Sigaint email service, Torch search engine and am trying advertise on more places all the time. I also have vendor accounts on the Alphabay market and forum.

For the white knights

This service is not meant to ruing life's of people that have done nothing wrong, there would be no need of this service if no one did anything wrong. To clear it up, this service is meant to protect or get revenge on for example abusive people or criminals.

How do I know that you are for real?

Well, first of all, I have a pretty big following on the deepweb, people have vouched for me. I have ads on respected sites and paid vendor accounts on the Alphabay. Also, every month I spend hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, on evolving my business by for example ads.


As this is a Service and not a product, the prices depend on the project. But here are some rates to give you an example. Full jobs including these examples combined come out on a much lower price all together.

  • Database Hacking
  • Starting at $1200
  • per project
  • BOOK
  • Private Investigation Service
  • Starting at $2000
  • per project
  • BOOK
  • Life Ruining
  • Starting at $3000
  • per project
  • BOOK
  • Grades Changing (most uni's)
  • Starting at $1200
  • per project
  • BOOK

Custom hacking jobs are possible too.


There are a lot of scammers here on the deep-web. And in this line of work you should look out who you are talking to. There are people that claim that they work for organizations that assassinate people for money, those associations only exist in movies. Those people are not only going to take your money, but may also report you to the authorities. LOOK OUT! My one and only email is there have been impersonators with similar addresses, do not talk to them!

DO NOT contact me asking to learn you stuff or give you freebies. You will be ignored.


 DeepWeb: Agento on all forums and Alphabay Market

Places to find my ads and Market links

I have ads on sigaint email service: http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion/

Ads on the torch deep-web search engine:


Alphabay market link: pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/ You can find me there by typing Agento in the search bar.



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